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I love handicapping greyhounds. I could do it 24/7 if there were tracks running all day and all night. There have been times in my life when I’ve driven to a track in the morning and didn’t get home until the next morning, because I stayed to play the tracks in the southwest.

There were also times when I went to the track when I should have been working or doing chores or spending time with the family. Luckily, I have a very significant other who doesn’t put up with that kind of neglect and I soon realized that this kind of thing wasn’t going to fly.

It’s been a long time since I let the dogs take over too much of my life. Now, greyhound handicapping is just one of the things I do. I balance it with family, friends, hobbies and the stuff I have to do like chores and making money.

If you’ve been hearing a lot lately at home about how often you’re gone, maybe it’s time to take a look at whether your life is getting out of balance. Neglecting your family or friends or getting obsessed with gambling is easy to do without realizing it.

You go to the track a couple times a week to begin with and then without even realizing it, it’s a daily thing. It becomes the focus of your life and everything revolves around getting that program, handicapping it and taking it to the track.

If you find yourself “borrowing” money from the household account to float your bets, trust me, you’re on a very slippery slope. Ask yourself how you’d feel if your spouse did the same thing to cover yes8 casino bets or credit card bills from shopping at the mall.

If this is happening to you, pull back and lay off for awhile. Get reconnected with your spouse and kids and the friends who don’t go to the track with you. I’m not saying you can’t go to the dog track. But you need to make sure that it isn’t taking over your life.

If you’re losing too much, work at getting better at it and make a few good, sensible bets and stop betting wild. Find something to do that doesn’t involve gambling like playing board games or card games with your kids for a change. Get back into balance and you’ll even enjoy dog racing more.



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