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If you are looking for an easy way to make money you might have considered, tried, or at least heard of betting systems as a strategy. You could say that there are as many systems as there are people betting.

Problem is, in my experience there are only a few of them that actually work and those that do are not that easy to find. So, how do you go about finding the system that will turn your world upside down and make you that big money you’re dreaming of?

One way is to go by recommendations and to listen to what has worked for others. Another way is to come up with a system of your own and try it in action, but let’s be honest, would you bet your money based on your own system? Probably not, and you are not likely to come up with one that is better than the ones thought up by professionals.

Though it may sound impossible to find a system that works, I have made a list of some of the betting systems that you may find interesting. The list consists of betting systems in different categories so you should be able to find a few that suits your needs.

Casino Table Games

For roulette there is a standalone software called “Roubot”. It is fully automated and does not require any additional software to work.

For blackjack you could use “The Blackjack System” written by an ex Singapore online casino worker &gambling expert. He has learned all there is to know about blackjack and has decided to reveal his secret that can easily make you ยฃ1500 in just two days.

“The $68 an Hour 6/8 Craps Strategy” shows you how to play craps for a living.

Horse Racing

“Racing secrets exposed” is a complete guide to making money on horse racing, just like the professionals.

“The racing tipsters” promises you the solutions to make long term profits from betting. It boldly states that all the other systems are a waste of money.


In “Lotto strategies for winners” the author reveals how he has been making serious money for 30 years from playing the lottery.

The “Silver lotto system” states that there is no such thing as a “how to win the lottery” system that can predict the winning numbers, but the Silver lotto system will boost your lottery win odds up to 98%.


The “Poker training weekly” explains to you how poker works step by step and takes poker traing down to its simplest.

“Outstanding poker center” is a poker training school that offers assistance and guidance at every possible angle: poker training videos, poker strategy articles, poker coaching, and poker podcasts plus much more.

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